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Camp Director/ Story 
Teller - Linda Courtiss

Never Forget the Child Within

 Varna entered my life in May of 1975 while I was exploring the forest alongside my children's camp in Maine.   As I walked further into this wooded area, I was startled at the sight of a fairy walking along the path. She smiled and introduced herself as Varna, the guardian fairy of Vega.  A tiny girl with dragonfly wings swooped onto the fairy's shoulder.  Varna laughed and explained that this was her daughter, Violet, who assists her in delivering a chocolate bar to the campers who lose a tooth. 

Varna reached for my hand and shook it in greeting and Violet flew to my shoulder. Her voice was pure and sweet.  "Welcome to our world. My mommy and I only show ourselves to the owners of the camp since they are guardians of this special place too.  We remain invisible to others, but when you are alone, we will appear to you.  Varna nodded and explained, "Violet and I work together to give all of the girls who lose a tooth a Varna Bar.  Sometimes we plan fun events like the Candy Tree, or we make stuffed animals come alive at night".

I have told many Varna stories to the children of Camp Vega over the years, but never thought to publish Varna stories until 2007.  With the help of my fellow writers in PineHills, I was able to perfect my writing skills to a level acceptable in the publishing world. Through our group efforts, we submitted many of our works in an Anthology entitled, 'Where the Writing Meets the Road' which was published in 2009. 

Over the years I have grown to know Varna and Violet and appreciate the enjoyment they have given us.  Their secret world of fun pranks and adventures are told throughout the series in the Varna Chronicles, starting with, 'The Night the Stuffed Animals Came Alive' - a favorite amongst the campers, staff and alumni of Camp Vega.

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My first book, The Night The Stuffed Animals Come Alive is now ready for distributon. 

All orders for the 10x10 (autographed copies) book can be pre-ordered on this website and mailed from our Maine address in early June.

All other orders for the 8.5 x 8.5 are available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles websites.

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