Varna and Violet pair up to create a night of whimsical fun as they plan an evening of entertainment for the stuffed animals in a cabin called, Algonquin. The cabin houses ten, 9 year old girls who are campers at a children's camp on Echo Lake. The campers and counselors lay asleep while Varna and Violet stealthily and respectfully, choose one stuffed animal from each camper to transform to life.  But the spell only lasts until daybreak. A night ensues where the animals get to do all of the activities their owners do.  The animals acquire senses of sight, taste, smell; and experience human emotions of joy, laughter, sadness, regret and hope.  They race through the camp to try as much activities as possible with the help of Varna and Violet.  At the very end of the story, there is a surprise that will leave the reader wondering what happens next.

The hardcover 10.5inch limited edition with a personal inscription to customer (optional) will be mailed to you directly from camp. Simply follow the link and add to whom you would like the book inscribed.




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