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Have you ever wondered if fairies truly exist? Well, I wonder no more.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

First of all, I would like to thank Yana Popolov, my illustrator and layout design person. Yana's gift of receiving the story and making it come to life through her sketches, color, and layout design was brilliant. With no doubt, I am thankful to have asked Yana, an award-winning illustrator U.K. to be the artist in this venture.

I am deeply grateful for my family, Kyle, Emily, Steven and Beth Courtiss and my partner, Michael, for keeping the spirit of Varna and the folklore she represents in our traditions at Camp Vega throughout the years. Your encouragement in suggesting I transition from 'orator' to 'author' motivated me to finally get started.

To all of our Vega campers, staff and alumni:

'May Varna's twinkle of sweetness and playfulness stay with you all the years of your lives'.

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